IACC can coordinate technical assistance for your infrastructure project through our member organizations. This assistance may range from putting you in contact with the appropriate agency staff to an informal meeting between state and federal staff and your project leadership. These informal technical assistance meetings are often referred to as “Tech Teams”. The information you provide is used to bring together the right mix of regulatory and financial program staff to move your project forward. The intent of these meetings is to:

  • Discuss the infrastructure issue you are facing.
  • Understand your unique situation.
  • Explore multiple solution options.
  • Create an actionable plan to move forward.
  • Move your project from problem to success.

Who can request Technical Assistance?

Any jurisdiction in Washington State can request assistance. This includes Cities, Counties, Towns, Special Purpose Districts, Privately owned not-for-profit Group A community water systems, and Tribes. We do ask that communities request assistance themselves. We are not able to respond to requests from consulting firms through this portal.

Note the following two periods- requesting virtual Technical Assistance through the IACC TA Portal (blue button below); and requesting a conference Tech Team Meeting:

  • November – July: IACC Technical Assistance Portal is open. Use the blue button below to submit a request, and a team member will contact you.
  • August – October: This separate process for requesting an in-person tech team meeting at the conference will be available when registration opens.

What Can I expect?

After completing the Technical Assistance Request form, a member of IACC should contact you within one week to follow up. We will probably have additional questions about your community and your project.

The next step will depend on your situation, schedule, and the availability of the technical staff. We may be able to connect you directly with the appropriate technical expert or resource. For other projects a conference call or skype meeting is necessary. Other times a face to face meeting with all the players at the table is the best way to move you forward.

Request Technical Assistance

If you have questions you can also contact TechTeams