Funding Opportunities

Funding opportunities currently available for Drinking Water and Wastewater Projects:

Transportation funding programs and other transportation revenue sources in Washington state:

Natural Resources funding opportunities in Washington:

Funding resources for Washington projects:

Environmental Inventory

The IACC member organizations have developed an Environmental Inventory intended to outline the similarities and differences in environmental requirements among the various state and federal funding programs:

The IACC Income Survey Guide

The IACC member organizations have developed an Income Survey Guide intended to help Washington’s communities develop, administer, and document a statistically valid income survey for their jurisdiction.

Value Planning Guide

The Sync system improvement team has developed an introductory guide to value planning.

Resource Catalog

The Public Works Board has developed a Resource Catalog that lists agency and association websites for funding, technical assistance, and training. To access the catalog click on the link.

Public Works Related Training

Each member agency offers training for their program and requirements. This list will connect you to individual agency training sites.

Planning for Infrastructure

The Washington Chapter of the American Planning Association (APA) hosts a webpage developed by the Planning Officials Development Committee (PODC) to provide numerous links to available planning resources for Planning Commissioners and Elected Officials throughout Washington State.