Conference 2017

Don’t recall what session you attended? View a list of the 2017 sessions in the 2017 Conference Brochure.

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Session Presentations

S1-Resiliency: Planning for Water Supply Disruption Chuck Clarke, Cascade Water Alliance

S2-First Time at IACC? Janea Delk, Community Economic Revitalization Board (CERB) David Dunn, Department of Ecology

S3-Sharing Your Story – Expanding Your Communications Heather Cannon, Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC

S4-The Language of Wastewater Cynthia Wall, Kim Prisock, Department of Ecology

S5-Understanding Cultural Resource Issues Russell Holter, Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation

S6-Building Resilience in Critical Infrastructure Tristan Allen, Emergency Management Division

S7-What Your Public Works Department Can Learn from Ancient History David Dunn, Department of Ecology

S8-Asset Management and the Budget – Your Road to Fiscal Sustainability Judy Isaac, Municipal Research Services Center

S9-Fish Passage Barrier Removal Board: Mission and Process Tom Jameson, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

S10-Endangered Species Act Consultation Nancy Munn, NOAA Fisheries

S11-Using GIS to Build Smarter Communities in Washington State Tyler Vick, FLO Analytics

S12-How to Avoid Audit Findings Cavan Busch, Office of the State Auditor

S13-Winning with the News Media Barbara Dunn, Department of Commerce

S14-Funding Portal for Salmon and Water Quality Projects Tara Galuska, Recreation and Conservation Office Pat Brommer, Department of Ecology

S15-Quest for Broadband: Lessons Learned from Three Washington Communities Monica Babine, Debra Hansen, Washington State University Extension

S16-Absolute Basics of Asset Management. What is your first step? David Dunn, Department of Ecology

S17-Funding for Drinking Water Karen Klocke, Department of Health

S18-Cyber Threats in Washington State – Protect Your Data David Morris, Washington State Office of Cyber Security

S19-Energy Efficiency & Solar Grants Pat Gibbon, Tom Stilz, Department of Commerce

S20-Community Economic Revitalization Board (CERB) Program & Projects Janea Delk, Community Economic Revitalization Board (CERB)

S21-Sewer Rates and the Value of Water David Dunn, Eliza Keeley-Arnold, Department of Ecology

S22-How to Apply for DWSRF Funding (on-line application) Karen Klocke, Sara Herrera, Department of Health

S23-State Grants for Nonprofits Michael Kendall, Department of Commerce

S24-Funding repairs of septic systems through a public-private partnership Rebecca Brown, Department of Ecology Lynn Schneider, King County Desiree Sideroff, Craft 3

S25-“Clean-up on Aisle 7” Connie Rivera, Department of Commerce Deborah Burgess, Environmental Protection Agency Margo Thompson, Richelle Perez, Department of Ecology

S26-Asset Management Implementation Darrell Burk, Jeramy Wilcox, Port of Camas-Washougal


S28-WSDOT Active Transportation and Local Programs Charlotte Claybrooke, Paul Mahre, Department of Transportation

S29-Application and Environmental Review for Water Quality Funding Daniel Thompson, Liz Ellis, Department of Ecology


S31-Asset Management Heather Cannon, Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC)

S32-USDA Rural Development Engineering and Loan Process for Water/Wastewater Rick Rose, Dave Dunnell, Janice Roderick, USDA Rural Development

S33-Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) – Funding your Future Kaaren Roe, Department of Commerce

S34-Indian Health Service (IHS) Sanitation Facilities Construction Program Mathew Martinson, James Earl, Matty Haith, Roger Hargrove, Indian Health Services

S35-Asset Management in Action PANEL Rhys Roth, Center for Sustainable Infrastructure Jay Krauss, Sammish Plateau Water; Jeff Clarke, Alderwater Water and Wastewater District Rick Romero, City of Spokane

S36-USDA Rural Development Community Facility Funding Marti Canatsey, Darla O’Connor, Janice Roderick, USDA Rural Development

S37-American Iron and Steel – Requirements for the SRF Loan Sejal Soni, Enivronmental Protection Agency Mike Copeland, Department of Health David Dunn, Department of Ecology

S38-Sanitary Surveys: Turn a Requirement into an Opportunity Matty Haith, James Earl, Indian Health Services

S39-Sustaining a Knowledgeable and Qualified Workforce for a New Generation PANEL Jeff Clarke, Alderwood Water and Wastewater District; Jay Krauss, Sammish Plateau Water; Deni Gray, Department of Health


S41-Setting User Rates to Support Asset Management Dan Bannier, Stevan Palmer, Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC)

S42-Restoring Infrastructure, Restoring Trust Brian Sayrs, Department of Health

S43-Section 106 – Requirement of the National Historic Preservation Act Russell Holter, Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation

S44- What’s New With the Public Works Board?!?! Scott Hutsell, Cecilia Gardner, Public Works Board Mark Barkley, Department of Commerce Kristin Bettridge, Department of Health Jeff Nejedly, Department of Ecology

S45-Public Records as Agency Assets – 2017 Amendments to Public Records Laws Nancy Krier, Office of the Attorney General

S46-Regionalization and Consolidation of Water Systems Karen Klocke, Department of Health Olga Morales, Rural Community Assistance Corporation (RCAC)

S47-Compliance with Governor’s Executive Order 05-05 Russell Holter, Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation

Thanks to all of this year’s exhibitors, they make the conference possible.